MVHRA Street Capper

Street Sign Capper

The banner of our web site uses our Street Sign Capper.  The City of New Westminster helped design the capper.  The logo depicts the M for Massey; V for Victory and H for Heights.   The red maple leaf in the form of a torch protrudes from the center and represents our Canadian Heritage.   The Poppies along the base represent our Veterans who first settled in the community after the Second World War.

Through initial funding from the City, we were able to manufacture 25 sign cappers.  The initial thought for installation was the 35 entry points along the perimeter of our neighborhood.  The executive reviewed the map of our Association and distributed the twenty five signs one sign on each street.  The City of New Westminster made these signs and installed them in the Spring of 2007.

Keep your eyes open for their locations. 

Six [6] additional signs were sponsored by local residents. There are 73 street signs in our neighbourhood where we are able to install these cappers.  A total of 31 cappers have been installed to date which leaves 43 locations waiting for a sponsor.

The City has advised we are able to purchase additional signs. If you and/or your neighbors would like to sponsor a sign for your street, check out the Sign Capper Map for an available location.  Once you have chosen a location, you can reserve it by clicking the link on the map to down load the Street Sign Capper Request Form. Complete the form and return using the instructions on the form.  A minimum of 10 signs is required before we can order additional signs. Costs will be confirmed prior to ordering.