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Massey Victory Heights Residents Association recognizes and acknowledges the Qayqayt First Nation, as well as all Coast Salish peoples, on whose traditional and unceded territories we live, we learn, we play and we do our work

Massey Victory Heights Residents Association
Advocating On Local Neighbourhood Issues

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Residents Association Forum meeting with all RA presidents with City Council and Mayor:

Issues we have shared with council that are ongoing concerns by the residences of MVH:

April 23, 2024
a. Short cutting between 8th & 10th
b. A workable Parking strategy from City within MVHRA neighbourhood needed
c. Status of NEXT Door APP discussion with NWPolice ongoing (this is in lieu of Neighbourhood Block Watch that ended)
d. Staff participation with in-person meeting on occasion would desirable

Community Policing Committee Mtg with RA President
and NWP Community Engagement Department:

February 29th, 2024
a. We are hoping to hear back from NWPD’s latest NEXT DOOR app evaluation at the May 30th meeting with the RA presidents
b. All comments shared with the MVHRA president regarding Next Door were forwarded to the NWPD community engagement department

Traffic Short Cutting

Traffic short cutting 8th to 10th / 10th to 8th
1. Preliminary numbers shared as received from City, but City still studying.
2. No significant movement, but sharing the latest correspondence from the City.

Replies from City Engineering:

Apil 18th 2024
We are currently summarizing our traffic survey data but I can give you some high level findings. We collected the data last autumn and reviewed them on their own as well as comparing them to previous surveys from 2016/17. We found that the vehicle volumes and speeds for the most part had actually dropped compared to the past, with Chilliwack having the highest traffic by far of the streets with around 60 vehicles per hour (about one per minute) during the weekday afternoon period. Speeds had also gone down, with the 85th percentile speeds in the mid-30km/h range; a little higher than the 30km/h we desire for local streets, but not to the point where we’d prioritize additional measures to slow traffic. What has gone up is the presence of larger vehicles – vehicles such as larger multi-axle trucks that most people would associate as heavy commercial vehicles –with some locations having more than five a day on an average weekday.
This isn’t desirable, and we’ll be reviewing the findings in more detail to come up with appropriate remedies. I will also provide this info to the NWPD’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement team. Note that observed truck violations can be reported in to the NWPD non-emergency number at 604-525-5411 or reported using the on-line system at:

February 6th 2024
We had done surveys along Laurel St, Churchill Ave, Chilliwack St, and Chestnut St late last year (2023), and are currently being reviewed. More information will be provided as we continue to analyze this data, noting that currently staff efforts are onto other priority items.

Neighbourhood Lighting Upgrade

Replies from the City

April 18th 2024
As noted before, staff will be looking to do a review of the street lighting in the neighbourhood. We’re close to retaining a consultant to assist staff with this, and will start this review sometime this spring.

Non-residents Parking

Non-residents parking - in particular Richmond St - City still studying

Replies from the City

April 18th 2024

As mentioned earlier, we considered a “no parking except for residents” type signage, but from conversations with others that had implemented similar restrictions, we were told that after a short time the effectiveness was minor. It was also difficult if not impossible to monitor or enforce. As such, it’s no longer considered a workable solution. We’re continuing to remind known construction projects in the area about not parking on the streets in the area. We’re also currently discussing other possible measures; I know that residents have brought up permit parking before, but please let us know if there are any other thoughts or ideas that may be suggested.

February 6th 2024
We had instructed some known construction projects in the area to not have trades personnel park in the area, acknowledging that this doesn’t necessarily cover all non-resident parking in the area, and based on your e-mail it appears that it’s still an issue. Strategies such as time-limited parking except with permit as you’ve suggested has previously been done in other neighbourhoods in New Westminster in the past, but as a policy this isn’t something that we do currently. An idea that I have seen Vancouver do is put in signs that say no parking except for residents of said block. This strategy doesn’t include permits or decals indicating residence on the block, but uses the wording of the parking signs as a deterrent to would-be parkers. It could also involve residents identifying known non-residence parking to bylaw officers as a means of deterrence/enforcement. This idea is something that staff here have been discussing, but I’m not sure of its potential effectiveness nor whether it is something that residents along Richmond St are comfortable with. If we have other thoughts or if there’s a measure that we’re implementing, we’ll let you know.